Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Washington Post

There has been a guy from The Washington Post who has been contacting Scott quite frequently lately. He must be writing an article, and has been needing Scott's input. He called the house today and asked for Scott, and when I told him he was traveling for work, he asked if I was a "duck person". I said, "Uh, I guess maybe, by default?" He then started asking me where the ducks are coming from when they are migrating north, "Central America, and maybe California" he states. I said, "Well, yeah, I would guess some are coming from Central America, but I wasn't sure about California, but probably yes." Then he asked me what it looked like. I reply, "You mean when they are being hunted?" He says, "When they are migrating through, what do they look like?" I decided I better stop while I was ahead (although I probably wasn't) because I would sure hate for some idiotic quote to end up being published in The Washington Post, supposedly coming from Scott. I told him that he probably should talk to the expert on that! I told him he needed to call Scott's cell, which he said he already had and left a voicemail. I told him I would be sure to let Scott know he was trying to get in touch with him. I called Scott immediately to let him know this guy was trying to call him, and Scott figured he thought he was calling him at work? I'll bet he thinks that's one stupid person working for DU! LOL!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to deliver Meals on Wheels over the lunch hour. I know, I know! I said after my last experience ,that I would NEVER do that again! You know what they say, "Never say never!" I thought when I signed up that Scott would be in town and able to help me. I should know not to ever count on that! Anyway, pray with me that they haven't screwed up again and mailed me the wrong route/addresses. I have gone onto MapQuest and printed out all of the maps I need. I know 4 of the 6 addresses as this is the route I had last year when it got messed up. I will be delivering the same route next Friday as well. I only signed up for 2 days this time, because I figured if there was another mix-up, at least I would only have 2 terribly stressful days! I'm a bit hesitant now after last years' experience. I sure wish Emily was here to go with me again! Emily and the gang helped us deliver the meals after we had so much trouble that first day. It went much better with help! Thanks Em! I am also praying that the weather cooperates tomorrow!

Last night the kids stayed up until 8pm because Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was on at 7p. I wish those darned shows would come on earlier in the evening so we could watch them AND get the kids to bed on time. Gage was getting irritable Tuesday evening because they had stayed up until 8p the night before watching Shrek the Halls and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so I'm expecting some crankiness later this afternoon!

This morning I got up early, and got the kids up early, so we could get ready and be at the school when the Pastries with Parents started, so we could eat our donuts quickly and get upstairs to help with the book fair. The kids were very excited that I said we could drive the car to school this morning! It was quite chilly and I had to take time out to shovel the driveway before we left. I think this was our first time to actually take the car to school? As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I gave Gage and Emma paper and pencils to go around and write down their "wish list". Emma's list was pretty darned cute. She had written several books down and there was someone else's handwriting on the paper, so she must have asked someone for help. She was very excited that she got to ride with Mrs. Sand, the school secretary at Corpus Christi, for 1 block as she was headed to work. I asked Mrs. Sand if she wouldn't mind taking Emma to school with her, since we were quite busy at the book fair. She was happy to do it and I was very appreciative! I sure am envious of all the families who have relatives that live close by who are able to help with things like that. I hope they realize how fortunate they are and don't take the help they get for granted. We are very fortunate to have so many great friends who are willing to help out when we need it, however. I don't ask for help very often, but when i do, I am SO THANKFUL to receive it!


Emily Jennings said...

Ok...2 comments:

GPS! I delivered meals here back in September and having the GPS was AMAZING! But I do wish we could deliver with you this year too!

I TOTALLY agree about the shows, I wish they were on earlier. Here they don't come on till 8 and I am NOT going to let my kids stay up till 9...I'm so mean, I don't even tell them the shows are on! I am using Xmas money and getting TIVO I think...

Scott said...

You should be a duck expert by now just by hanging around. You could have let him talk to Gage also. Gage is getting to be pretty good.

Only blue-winged teal migrate to central america; the mallards winter in Mississippi remember!