Thursday, December 11, 2008


I've been feeling very guilty about my short posts lately. When things slow down just a bit, I promise I'll be better!

Emma had her Daisy meeting after school today. I think it went pretty well. We ran out of time, however, and had to speed through some things quicker than I wanted. Our topic was "Use resources wisely" and "Make the world a better place". Basically, we talked about recycling. For our craft we made junk jewelry (necklaces made out of twine and a plastic bottle cap) which the kids seemed to enjoy and we made Christmas ornaments made from tops of tin cans that were in my recycling bin. Because of my handy dandy Pampered Chef can opener, there are no sharp edges on the tin lids at all and are completely safe. They hot glued beads all over the tin lid and they turned out pretty cute. I hope to post some pictures later, along with some pictures from Gage's den meeting the other night (I know I said I was going to do that, and haven't gotten it done yet).

I had panicked a little this afternoon after school. I had told Gage this morning that Emma had a Daisy meeting after school and to meet us in the library. When Emma, IsaBelle and I got to the school, Gage was not in the library. I started to panic, as I figured he must have forgotten and walked home. I went upstairs to the office and called Scott at work to see if he could call home and find Gage, but he wasn't in his office. When I was getting ready to hang up, one of the secretaries asked me if I was trying to call Corpus Christi, and I said that I wasn't. She said that Gage was at Corpus Christi. Thank goodness!!!! He misunderstood and thought I told him to meet me at the Corpus Christi library. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people at the school looking out for us. Mrs. Sand said she would bring Gage back to the school with her (she's the one who took Emma to school for me the other day when I was working at the book fair). Mrs. Hocking was on her way out the door to walk back to Northridge and asked Gage if he would like to walk with her to the school and he decided that since Emma got to ride with Mrs. Sand in her car, that she couldn't be one up, so he declined the walk with Mrs. Hocking so he could have a ride in Mrs. Sand's car. Thanks for the offer Juanita, and sorry you rated second to Mrs. Sand's car! You'd think she was driving a VW bug, or something fun like that.

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