Monday, December 1, 2008

All over the place

This post is probably going to be all over the place.

First of all, I just think parents should really think about what they are naming their children and the ramifications that a name may play in their lives. Tonight when we were watching the news, they were announcing a fatal car crash here in North Dakota and because of this man's name, Scott and I burst out laughing. It's certainly not a laughing matter, but why in the world would you name your child Locke Smith? PLEASE! Think about it! I'm sure this man led a life of being teased because of his name.

Neither Gage or Emma mentioned anything today about having found their Christmas lists. I think they may have bought into my telling them it was just a list of ideas. (Well, until Christmas arrives and they open exactly what they read on the list!) Maybe they will have forgotten about that by then? I had some good suggestions given to me by Mom and Kara, about what to do about it, so I may go that direction with it if anything else comes up.

Tomorrow is Pastries with Parents at Emma's school. They have a book fair going on at school and each day this week, a group of kids gets to bring their parents to school to eat donuts and shop for books. They split the school up by the first letter of their last name, so Gage will be in the last group this week. I think since it's just the Kindergarteners at Corpus Christi, all of the kindergarten parents can come tomorrow. Unfortunately it will be Pastries with Parent tomorrow for Emma and Thursday for Gage because Scott will be out of town for work. He missed it last year too. Maybe he won't have to travel next year?

I spent the day at home doing laundry. I only left the house to take the kids to school and pick them up. I guess I should have gotten out today, because it's going to get colder all week and we'll be having some snow all week according to the weatherman. We were needing some more of that cold weather and snow! It will be nice and frigid for Kara to arrive back in town Friday after spending a week in Mexico.

Gage went to his special reading class at school today (I think it was his first time) and brought home a book about Helen Keller. He told the teacher that he was interested in her, so they looked for some Helen Keller books. What great timing, as I had Scott pick up 2 books at B&N last night "Who Is Helen Keller?" and "Who is Elvis Presley?" He's been asking for the Elvis Presley book for several weeks now, so decided we better get it before I forget. Hopefully he'll still want to read the Helen Keller book after he finishes this book he brought home today.

The kids are really getting excited about Christmas. Emma noticed right away this morning that there was a new present under the tree. She commented on it and I told her not to get too excited because it was for Grandma Pipi! I won't be putting many presents under the tree for them until closer to Christmas. Or at least I'll have to keep the number for each of them even. I remember going through all of the presents under the tree and separating them into piles and whoever had the most did a lot of bragging, and the one with the least did alot of whining. I suppose I will prevent alot of fights by keeping it even, or having none under the tree at all. It's also good leverage to have on them to make them behave. Isn't that terrible of me?

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