Monday, December 22, 2008


I had an email from Sears Portrait Studios that said if you have your portraits taken by 12/21, you can still receive them before Christmas. I've been wanting to get a family picture taken because it's been awhile since we've done that. I remember being so excited to take Gage to get his first portraits taken when he was 2 months old. What a nightmare! No one ever told me how much stress that was, trying to get your child to smile in a picture, or sit matter what the age! Even though they are now 8 and 5 years old, I still have the same problem! Only now it's not that they won't smile, it's that they give a fake, cheesy smile! This portrait will tell you how much fun this was for me! AARGH!

The gal taking pictures wasn't the best, as she couldn't seem to get them to smile "naturally". Scott was trying behind her, saying stuff like "Chicken Butt!" and dumb things like that, only it would cause crazy laughter and Emma would shrug her shoulders every time. They finally told the lady that if they could just do one crazy picture, they could cooperate better because it would get the silliness out of them. The photographer didn't know what else to do, so she took the photo for them! I asked both Gage and Emma last night what the photographer did during their school pictures to make them smile so nice, and they both said he had a puppet that was sitting on his shoulder saying silly things. Hmm................I should have asked that during the photo session and see if the gal could have done something like that?

We did actually get a couple photos that were okay. It's actually a good thing that they didn't all turn out, because we wouldn't have been able to afford them. Since we were after a family photo, we just used a coupon we had for a $9.99 package deal, plus our $14.99 sitting fee. We made it out of there in fairly good shape. Now that I scroll through the pictures, there were a few more that were not too bad, that I probably should have ordered. I guess I'll just publish them on my blog. :-)

Man was I ever bummed out tonight. I discovered that this book I just started reading, which wasn't mine to begin with (I went out searching for a book that my sister's friend was looking for and couldn't find, and actually found it) is number 4 in the series and I haven't read 1, 2 or 3! UGH! It was really getting good too! I had to put the book away and will now have to go get #1. Scott tells me not to do that, because I never know what could be under the tree. I don't know how he could have known to get that, because I didn't even know the series existed until I went out 2 weeks ago and found this "hard to find" book! It's the Twilight series. Have any of you read it?

It was a pretty cold walk to school this morning. My legs felt like someone was poking me with needles by the time I got home. I should be smarter and dress warmer, like the kids. They always have their snowpants on and are quite bundled up. I am pretty bundled, all except my legs that is. We are getting more snow tonight. We are 1 inch away from breaking the all-time snowfall record for the month of December, which was back in 1916! I can't remember what the grand total needs to be before we break the record, but it's somewhere around 24-27 inches of snow! Wow! That is ALOT of snow! I've been waiting to see a "real North Dakota winter" for 6 years! Finally!


Jari said...

Katie has read that series and wants the whole series for christmas. I want to read it too. She went to the movie and said it was awesome.

Kysa said...

Your pictures are great!!!