Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alive and well

Gage woke up this morning asking us to feel his head because he no longer had a temperature. He was right. He bounced back quick. He was running a temperature of 101.5 around suppertime last night and was just feeling bad. I'm so glad he's back to himself, and that no one else has started puking! We didn't go to church this morning, as I wasn't sure at the time we needed to be leaving if Gage was well or not. I was feeling truant because we didn't go to church. We did however, get a few things that needed to be done done.

We went out selling more Cub Scout popcorn this afternoon. Gage has officially filled up his order form, which means he will get a special patch and he is very excited about that. If you sell $2500.00 worth you can earn a college scholarship. I doubt we get that ambitious. I don't even know if we know that many people to sell that much popcorn to! Tomorrow night he has a Pack meeting at school and he will be getting several things awarded to him. I will be there taking pictures and hopefully will have some good ones to post.

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