Monday, October 22, 2007


The long weekend went well. Busy, as always. Not too much has gone on today. I have worked about 8 hours and my butt can prove it!

Scott got home today. He had a swan and some ducks that he brought home. He leaves tomorrow morning for some meeting in MN. I'll be glad when he can be home for more than 24 hours! It's hard to get my lines typed without feeling guilty because I'm not spending that time with the kids. They have been great though. It was funny, last night, while I had them in the bath tub, someone from the company I work for called and asked if I could work some hours. I had already planned on doing that because I said I would earlier in the week, AND I had to get more lines in (I have to get 2,000 in per week). Anyway, I told the gal that yes, I would, but I had the kids in the tub and I was trying to get them bathed and to bed. When I went back to the bathroom Gage asked me who called. I told him it was work. He had a confused look on his face. (I know it's probably a hard concept when Mom works in the basement!) I told them they wanted me to work. He said, "That's greedy isn't it?" I thought that was an interesting way of putting it! HA!

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