Saturday, October 27, 2007

Free to a good home!

This is a 3-year-old, pure bred, female, Black lab already spayed and up to date on her vaccinations, including rabies. She is a well-trained hunting dog. Her name is Brie (like the cheese). She is trained to ring a bell when she needs to go outside to potty. She hasn't had any accidents in quite awhile (she is being medicated for that). Brie is great with kids. She is also great with cats. She is a duck retrieving machine. She would be a great watch dog for any home. She lays at the top of our stairway, where she has a clear view of the front yard, and she will forewarn you of any window peepers or if you just have a visitor at the door. She will also let you know if your neighbors across the street have any kind of activity going on at their house. She does NOT shed.................during the subzero North Dakota winters. She is free to a good home. Just give me a call. I will deliver. There is no distance too far.

Seriously, if anyone wants a dog, she's yours. Brie apparently doesn't like living here, as she once again attempted to run away from home. I believe this is her 4th attempt at escape. On her 2nd attempt, I had a phone call from the nearby mall. It was an insurance company who was wanting to know if I had lost a dog named Branta. Well, no, I didn't lose a dog named Branta, because we had just put her to sleep a week or two prior. It was Brie. She was wearing Branta's collar. Branta's name and phone number were embroidered on the collar, so they gave me a call. This was earlier this spring, when we had one vehicle. Scott had my vehicle at work, which left me on foot. It was mid morning, around 9am. It was raining out. I was still in my pajamas and the kids were still in theirs watching cartoons. I panicked. I told the lady I would be right there. I quickly put my shoes on and a light windbreaker jacket over my pajamas. I told the kids to "stay put, do not answer the phone, do not answer the door, I will be back in a few minutes". I took off out the door. It was raining cats and dogs. I took off running down the sidewalk. I think I maybe had gone 20 yards before I decided I was out of breath, and I had no bra on. I walked as quickly as I could and found Brie right outside the insurance office with the lady that found her and called me. Brie was happier to see me than I was to see her! I hooked her up to the leash, thanked the lady and took off for home. It is now pelting rain sideways. I was soaked when I got home and I was not happy.

Today, started out as a normal Saturday morning. I got up before Scott, so I had to do the dog duties. She is typically STARVING to death first thing in the morning. She barely takes time to actually go to the bathroom before she is right back at the door wanting in to be fed breakfast. So, not long after she ate, she needed to go out again and rang the bell hanging from the back doorknob. Scott let her out. Brie loves to be outside. She has started to just hang around outside sometimes so long that we actually forget she's out there. Sometimes she is actually playing on the swing on the swingset. Scott and Gage left for hockey practice at 9am after they raised the garage door. Scott typically forgets to close the garage door as he's driving away. Apparently Brie was still out in backyard. We go about our day as usual. Emma has dance, we eat lunch, Gage has a birthday party to attend, we have errands to run we pick Gage up from the birthday party and now it's 3:15 pm. Scott frantically runs out to ask if I had seen Brie. Nope. When was the last time you saw her? When I fed her this morning. She is gone. No where to be found. Scott takes off in his truck. I load the kids in the van and take off in the other direction. As I'm driving, I'm thinking there's no way we're going to find her. She is long gone. I ask a man who was out on a walk if he had seen a black lab running loose. Nope. I drive around several blocks as the kids fight about who's looking which way to find the dog. I drive home to find Scott. I told him to go look and I would call Animal Control. I called and asked the gal if they had found a black lab. Nope, not that she knew of. I gave her the information (and by the way, she did not have Branta's collar on this time, she was naked) and she said they would call if they had any reports of a lost dog, and I was do call them if we found her. I was off the phone with her for about 30 seconds and she called me back and told me that someone told her that they had picked up a black lab at 2024 N. 5th St. (4 blocks away). I told her I would be right down. She said be sure to bring some money, as it would cost $49 to get her out of the pound. Scott came home and we went to the police dept. to pay the boarding fees, etc. Then, we had to drive clear to the other side of town to the pound and a police officer was going to meet us there. The gal that came, happened to be the same gal who picked her up. She said that some lady was out walking her dog and Brie decided to follow them and followed them all the way home. The lady called animal control and they picked her up at 11:02 am. As the police officer and I went into the building, I told her if there was another one that I liked better, I would like to trade. As we walked in EVERY dog in the place was standing up on their hind legs scratching at the cage and barking their brains out. All of them except Brie. She was out back enjoying the beautiful weather. She had a dog door to an outside cage. The lady called her name and she came in and wagged her tail like there was no tomorrow. She was happy. I was not.

She's home, safe and sound. She is happy to be home.............I think? It was time to feed her when we got her home and she wouldn't eat. Any of you who know Brie, know that is NOT normal. There have been MANY times we've had to induce vomiting because she broke into the food container and gorged herself until she looked 9 months pregnant. Not sure what happened. Maybe she's on strike because she was found? Maybe she decided running away isn't really a good idea and she wore herself out worrying to death that she would never return home (I doubt it). I have no idea why she wouldn't eat, but I'm sure she will make up for it tomorrow morning, when she's STARVING to death once again.

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