Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flu shots

Today was Gage's appointment for his 7-year-old well check. When I signed him in at the front desk, they had me sign another paper for him to get a flu shot. I was a little surprised, as I hadn't asked for one. Although, I thought it was probably a good idea. So, I figured while we were there, we might as well kill two birds with one stone, and asked if Emma could have one too. I had to fill out a sheet for her and then go back to the main desk to get a printout for her. I was a little worried/nervous at how this was going to go. We haven't had shots in awhile. I think Gage's last one was 2 years ago or maybe 3, which was his MMR. I remember he cried like crazy. I couldn't blame him though, as three gals came in and two of them gave him simultaneous shots, 1 in each leg, while the third gal held him down! Poor little guy. Anyway, the doctor asked if I wanted one too? I wasn't prepared for that, and not that I didn't want one, but I didn't really think it was necessary? I use that sick time I get once a year as my vacation. HA HA! NOT! Usually I end up sick AND still have to deal with the kids. Anyway, I thought about doing it just so I could show Gage and Emma it wouldn't hurt too bad. Well, I was going to have to fill out another sheet, then go back to the main desk to get a printout for myself, so I decided I didn't want to go to the trouble. After the doctor was done checking Gage out (by the way I think he was 80% in his height and 75% for his weight), I told Gage the nurse was going to come in and give him a shot. He looked at me in alarm. I told him it would be okay, and then I told Emma she was getting one too. She gives me a death look and says, "Oh no I'm not getting a shot!!!" I figured that was going to happen. Anyway, the nurse came in and she asked which one wanted to go first. I knew it had to be Gage, so he bravely sat on my lap while she gave him the shot in his thigh. I could tell it hurt, but he was so brave and did NOT cry. Then, it was Emma's turn. I had to corner her behind the exam table to get ahold of her. I put her on my lap as she was not wanting to sit still. I had to pretty much hog-tie her down with my legs, then bear hug her like a straight jacket. She did finally quit fighting and then got her shot in the thigh. She did NOT cry, but boy was she MAD! She folded her arms up tight across her chest and put her head down with her bottom lip stuck out. She wanted NOTHING to do with the nurse, and didn't even want to walk near her. It was quite funny. She was so mad she wasn't even going to take time to get a sucker out of the drawer, she just wanted to get the heck out of there! (And if you know Emma, she doesn't pass up the opportunity for candy!) The unfortunate thing is that since this was their first set of flu shots, I have to take them back for another one in four weeks. Emma made it quite clear that she was NEVER going back to that place! I think I will make the appointment for a time when Scott can take her! :-) She was so mad walking out of that place and said her leg hurt and she couldn't walk anymore so I carried her to the car applauding how brave the two of them were. The nurse thought it was funny how "stoic" their faces were and that they were determined not to cry or show any emotions that the shots hurt. They are very much that way. Anytime they fall or get hurt, they pop right up and say, "It's okay Mom! I'm not hurt!" Unless of course they are, and then it takes a few minutes for them to decide that yes, I'm hurt and it's okay to cry! They are sitting right here, and Gage is reading this to Emma and they are laughing like crazy. I guess it's funny now, but it sure wasn't a few hours ago!!!!


GE is me said...

Stacy, since I'm a SAHM & my girls are w/me all the time I haven't done the flu shots. I don't envy you though, that is for sure. Good move making Scott take them next time.

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Thanks, -Gail

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

I didn't know you did flu shots yesterday. Sometimes it seems like you get SO much more done in a day than I could ever dream about.