Monday, October 15, 2007

Bobcat badge

Gage had his pack meeting tonight and was awarded his Bobcat badge and immediate recognition emblem! I am so proud of him. He was also very well behaved, and let me tell you, there were probably about 30 or so other Cub Scouts there and not all of them behaved as if they were. I was ready to come home well before it ended!!! I was also upset that my camera batteries were dead before we left for the meeting, and of course, all of my extra rechargeable batteries were tied up in video games, Leap pad etc. We removed them and they were all low as well. Scott loaned me his extra set of batteries from his camera and they too were nearly dead. I did get a few pictures, but some of them probably will not turn out, and unfortunately, since the batteries are dead, I am unable to post pictures tonight. I will try and do that tomorrow as my batteries should all be charged, and then I'm hiding them all!

I had a great walk today with my friend Emily. It was a nice, crisp, cool morning and we jabbered the whole 2.2 miles! :-) I needed that! Thanks Emily!!!! I am in the process of getting my scrapbook stuff organized for an all day crop at the Civic Center on Saturday. Unfortunately Scott isn't going to be around to help out with the kids so I have had to find a babysitter. There apparently is an important meeting out in the duck blind?? Anyway, Gage also has his first hockey practice of the season on Saturday. My wonderful friend Laura has offered to help out with all of that, but I just feel too guilty having her do the hockey thing too, so I will probably have to leave early from my scrapbook event?? We'll see what comes about.

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Scott said...

No, your loving husband will do his part and ensure Gage gets to his hockey practice. I know your "me time" is important too so I try to do whatever I can to accomodate. Love you Stacy!