Friday, October 19, 2007

Good day

The kids and I had a good day yesterday. They played and watched PBS for a couple of hours while I worked during the morning. Scott said he had a meeting over lunch so we went to Barnes and Nobel and looked around awhile, then to the mall and had lunch at Subway, then stopped at a couple stores, then Target, then went home. I was proud of how they behaved. Especially at Subway in the mall. It was crazy busy, and it took us awhile to get to order. I guess they were (and so was I) hungry enough that they just sat down and ate. They both ate their entire meals. (Actually, they are usually quite good when we go out to eat, which isn't all that often). Gage spent some of his birthday money at Target, and Emma spent some of her money as well, so they were happy on the way home. All in all yesterday was a good day. Today has started out the same. We'll see if it continues. Scott leaves to go hunting after lunch and will be back on Wednesday I think? Tomorrow is a bit of a crazy day. I will be scrapbooking all day at the Civic Center. Scott is gone to Tuttle. The kids are going to Ellie and Alan's for the day. Emma has dance at 11:15, so I will have to leave to take her to dance, then back to Ellie's. Gage has his first hockey practice at 3:30 and Scott is coming back from Tuttle to take him to hockey, then he'll be going back to Tuttle. (Don't be too impressed, as this was not what he wanted to do). This time of year is always hard for me. Scott is gone the majority of the time, and when there are things I want to do, I can't do them without jumping through many hoops. UGH! Anyway, I am very excited that I get to scrapbook tomorrow with my friends. I need to get all of my stuff organized so I can be productive!

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