Friday, October 12, 2007


I took the kids to school this morning, then made a quick run to the bank before coming home to start working. As I drove through the drive-thru at the bank, I chose the second lane at the north American Bank Center branch (the middle lane). I hate that lane, but recently a sign has been posted on the first lane that says "Commercial Accounts". So, I always choose the middle lane. I hit the curb EVERY time I leave. I don't know why? I know it's coming, and I try to avoid it, but I usually drive up onto the curb a little bit just as I'm leaving the tube?? Anyway, while I was in the middle lane, I put my money (some to be deposited, and one check to be cashed) into the tube and sent it to the lady inside. I waited and watched, and waited some more. As I was sitting there, an old man drove up on the outside lane. The lady said, "Thanks, have a good day." I said, "Thanks, you too." Then I waited and waited, and my tube never came back. I noticed the little old man in the outside lane opening up a tube and taking out the envelope and was taking the cash out of the envelope. I knew that was my money, and I just sat there waiting to see what was going to happen. I looked at the lady inside, and she had just realized her mistake. She was telling the old man he needed to send that tube back to her. He was a bit confused it seemed. Anyway, I was thankful that I got my money. If that had been some dishonest person, they could have just driven off with it! I'm sure that lady inside was a little bit panicked as the man was removing my money from the envelope! She didn't even count it when she got the tube back to make sure it was all there, she just sent it on to me. It was all there. I'll bet she never makes that mistake again!!! That poor old man must have thought he hit the jackpot?

We have had a nice past couple of days. I am a firm believer that kids who get enough sleep don't misbehave. At least that is the case with mine (well, that goes for Gage anyway) HA HA! On Fridays, Gage has show-and-tell. They do it every Friday. At first I thought that was pretty cool, as last year, and his 2 years in preschool, they did it once a month. Well, I think once a month is sufficient. Gage has the HARDEST time deciding what to take for show-and-tell. Last week, he couldn't go to sleep because of it. I had mentioned to him the night before that he needed to think about what he wanted to take, and that blew it. He was a mess because he couldn't decide on what to take. Actually, I just remembered that on the way home from school last Thursday, he told me he wanted to take his "Boobah" stuffed animal to school for show-and-tell. This "Boobah" is a purple character from a show on PBS. It is the equivalent to Teletubbies. I told Gage I didn't think he should take that, as I didn't want any of the other kids making fun of him for taking a "baby toy". He decided that he wouldn't take it. Well, that was the major problem that night and is why he couldn't decide on what to take. Everything he thought about, he thought that maybe he shouldn't take that as the other kids might make fun of him. Ugh. I guess I shouldn't have said that. I guess that's what I get for trying to "protect him". Well, this week, I didn't say anything until this morning. My way of preventing a sleepless night. I mentioned to him first thing this morning that he needed to think of something to take. Since he had his birthday just last week, I thought maybe it would be easier for him to decide. NOT! He has about umpteen new Star Wars action figures and he couldn't decide which ONE to take. He waited until we were just about to walk out the door to start all of this, so I was telling him he needed to hurry up and pick one. Well, he finally picked one, and I don't know what happened, but its leg broke off. That was a major catastrophe!!! We weren't late, but we were running behind, and again, I felt bad that he had to get so upset before school. I think once a month for show-and-tell is plenty!!! He won't forget, and I don't usually forget either. I think about him feeling bad that he didn't have anything to show and tell about, so unfortunately, I remind him about it each week (not that he needs reminding!).

Speaking of forget, last Saturday I COMPLETELY forgot about taking Emma to ballet class! I have NEVER completely forgotten anything like that. I may forget things, but remember when it is too late to go or whatever. I didn't even know I had forgotten until Scott had asked me late that night if Emma had gone to dance. My heart hit the floor and I couldn't believe that I TOTALLY forgot about it! I hope that doesn't happen again tomorrow!

I'm getting gray hairs and starting to forget things.....................what next???

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