Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To-do list

I have tons of things on my to-do list. I was assigned "person in charge" of Emma's Halloween party at school. This means I need to assign the other Mom's on my list something to bring. Which means I need to take time to actually think about this. I have had 3 of the mom's asking me what I want them to bring. I keep telling them I'll get it figured out and let them know. Well, I decided I better sit myself down and figure it out tonight, so I can give them their "assignments" tomorrow at school. I hate doing that. I would rather do it all myself than to inconvenience anyone else. But, doing it all myself causes me to go crazy, because I don't have enough time in the day. I have the list made out, and I'm thinking that if they don't like their assignments, then maybe they'll complain to the teacher and I won't be asked to be the "person in charge" again. HA!
Next, I signed up at church to bake 2-dozen cookies to take to The Banquet on Thursday night. I really wanted to sign up to serve the meal, but I knew Scott was going to be out of town, and I would have to find someone to watch the kids. I decided another way to help was to sign up on the list to bring cookies. They needed several volunteers for this.
Next, I have 2000 lines of transcription to type in the next 6 days.
I guess that doesn't sound like a lot, but when you add it to taking the kids to school, picking them up, taking Gage to hockey, Emma to dance, delivering frozen food (fundraiser that we had to do for Gage's school in Sept), etc, etc, etc, it makes for a busy week!

I'm tired just thinking about it. I should go to bed!

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