Saturday, October 20, 2007


I spent all day today scrappin' with my friends! It was great! I got 5 pages done I think, which isn't a huge amount by any means, but that's 5 more pages done than there would have been had I not gone! I did have to leave to take Emma to dance, so that is part of the reason I didn't get more done. Also, dance started a little late, and ran MUCH later (20 min) than it should have. Normally, I would have thought that was great, as I was getting more for my money, but today I had places to be and things to do! THEN, after Emma was done, I was trying to hurry up to get her back to Laura's house so I could get back to scrapping, and I couldn't find my car keys! UGH! I looked in all of the spots I had been during the class, but they had a lot of tables sitting out with tons of junk as they are having a rummage sale next weekend at the church. I started getting nervous as I wasn't sure what I was going to do if I couldn't find them. You know, I have no cell phone! HA! Well, I went all over that church basement, and looked through my bag twice to make sure I hadn't overlooked them. Then, I found them in the front pocket of the bag. UGH! Thank goodness I found them, but that took up a few minutes of my scrappin' time too! I got Emma's school album up to date. One of the pages I did was the letter "B" page from her "Bear Box parade", and had to tell the funny story to everyone about Emma and the testicles. I was telling Laura the story before I left to go scrapbooking and while I was telling it, Emma said, "Mom, I know another "B" word!" I said, "What is it Emma?" She says, "Beaver!" Oh my goodness! That would have been another body part word she could have shouted out! Thank goodness it wasn't that! She doesn't know anything about any kind of beaver except the kind that build dams and swim in the water though, thank goodness. I thought it was funny though, given the circumstances! Makes the story even funnier to tell. I also got a few pages done in Gage's school album. A few more pages and I'll have his Kindergarten year finished and be ready to start First grade and hopefully stay current. I felt like I got something accomplised though, and that's the important thing. My friend Emily was there also. I enjoy scrapbooking with her. I hope we can do it more often. The next crop is on her birthday and I think we're going to go to it, so that's something to look forward to. I'll have to take her out to supper beforehand! :-)

The kids had a great day too. They were VERY tired when I picked them up and getting a little cranky/whiney and started fighting. I fed them, bathed them and put them to bed after reading some Junie B. Jones. They were both out for the count soon after that. Gage had his first hockey practice today too, so that helped wear him out. Scott made it back from Tuttle to take him, so that was good. I haven't talked to him to hear how it went though. There is another hockey practice tomorrow, so I'll see then. He has a birthday party to go to also, so another busy day on tap for tomorrow!

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