Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, our company is gone and we are all tired. Gage and Emma went to bed very easy tonight, and I am so glad, as Scott is out in western ND hunting antelope. His friend Steve got his, but Scott shot and missed. I'm not sure how you can kill 5 birds with 4 shots, and miss an antelope?? HA HA! Hopefully he gets it tomorrow and he'll be done with it. Then he'll be home long enough to get his crap together to head to Tuttle to hunt ducks. He has a friend from college staying there to hunt with him. The fall season is in full swing. I'm just thankful Brie goes with him! :-) I'm going to have to train her to hunt antelope for next year!

We're heading back to normal. Hopefully we all wake up completely rested tomorrow and ready to start a new day!

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