Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Force

May the force be with you! Happy Halloween everyone! We had a great day for trick-or-treating. It was a little chilly, but that is way better than what we could have had, and have had in the past! Gage and Emma are shot (and so is Mom!). Emma's day started with getting to wear her costume to school for a Halloween parade. She was quite excited about that. I couldn't believe all of the candy she got at school! She certainly did NOT need to go trick-or-treating tonight. We have enough candy to keep the dentist's bills paid for the next year that's for sure! I stayed at school to help get all of the pizza, punch and treats served. I thank God for teachers! They don't get paid enough to do what they do! Gage's school has a "No Costume Policy" so he just got to dress in orange and black. They had a good time anyway. After school we went trick-or-treating at the Ducks Unlimited office. I think the staff there would be disappointed if we didn't come to show off our costumes. Most of them had candy to hand out. After that we went to the Heritage Center to attend their Halloween celebration with Emily, Jody and the kids. From there we went home to eat supper, then out to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood. Gage and Emma are very lucky kids! I told them that they should be very thankful because it's not just everyone who can go trick-or-treating and have their bags filled with Beanie Babies (thanks Juanita and Kim................the kids are currently snuggled up with their new animals as I type), or coloring books, etc. etc!! Finally we made it home a little after 7:30 and as soon as we walked in the door they both dumped their loot out onto the living room floor. Emma was "organizing" hers. Gage was just checking it all out. They had just as much fun giving candy to the couple trick-or-treaters that came to our door after we got home. Maybe we'll try that next year? NOT! I enjoy Halloween more than the kids I think? Maybe I'll find a costume for myself next year? Or, maybe I can borrow one of my Mom's as she had quite a bit of fun costume shopping for herself this year! All in all we had a pretty good day. I believe Gage and Emma were quite annoyed that no one knew who they were dressed up as. The last few houses Emma started to get a little rude when she had to tell them that she was PADME! Everyone thought they were dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. They were actually Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala (Luke and Leia's parents). Maybe next year they'll go with my idea of Shrek and Fiona? Everyone knows who they are! :-) I suppose I should get going, as I have TONS of candy to sort through before morning (just want to make sure it's all safe! :-)



Jari said...

Makes me miss having kids to trick or treat with. Enjoy them sis they get big fast.

Shannon said...

I love the video. HOW DO YOU DO THIS?? I can not beleive the kids are so darn big already. It seems like yesterday when Grant and Gage were singing those same songs. Love you guys!! Shannon

Aneetha said...


Gage and Emma are ADORABLE! I missed them TONS this year. And you and Scott too. Thank you for doing this blog- now I can keep up with what's happening with y'all regularly. :-)

I have read all the posts until this one. I'll be all caught up before this afternoon :-) You write really well and I'm still giggling about Emma's "testicle" and the other B-word! Gosh! I miss them so... Give them my love Stacy. Not a day goes by without my thinking of you all and the great times I had with all of you. Now we'll stay in touch...

PS: I am the Fort Collins, CO :-D