Thursday, October 25, 2007

Three things done!

1. My cookies are baked, thank goodness. Just that task alone has made me feel better about the many things I have left to do.

2. This morning I had a call from a wonderful lady who offered to come by and pick up my cookies to take them to the church for me. THANKS JUANITA!! I am so grateful. That little task helps me out in a BIG way!

3. Emma and I went to an appointment of mine this morning. I had to go in and have a check up at the orthodontist's office. Today was going to be the day they start moving my teeth back into their correct positions. Well, that is delayed a little bit because I apparently lost 3-mm of width after they took out the rapid palate expander. So, for the next 4 weeks, I have to wear these little tiny rubber bands that are connected to a "button" that they stuck to 2 molars on my top, that stretch down to connect to a hook on the bottom, 1 on each side. They said I could take them off to eat and to brush. What a pain! Physically and literally! This will certainly help me to lose another 5 lbs over the next 4 weeks! Not only are my teeth extremely sore, it was totally a pain in the rear getting those tiny little rubberbands back in place! There have been many times already that I have picked something up to put in my mouth, only to put it back because I don't want to have to replace those stupid little things any more than I have to! They also prevent me from having big, satisfying yawns. Scott and the kids are going to love them, as I'm sure they will affect yelling as well. Dr. Warford told me today that if I wanted to, I could have a tooth permanently placed in the huge gap between my top 2 front teeth. I'm sure I gave him a puzzled look as I thought about it for a second. I said, "Well, I am not going to spend all of this money to end up with 3 front teeth!" He said, "It was just an option!" I may think differently after the next surgery, which he said will happen probably late next spring. But, right now, I think I'd prefer to have 2 front teeth on the top instead of 3. Thanks anyway!! I'm surprised he made that offer, as I would think after all of this, he too would want it to be "perfect" when it's all over with. I'm guessing he was joking around, even though it could be an option if I wanted to go that direction. I never take the easy way out in all aspects of my life. :-)

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Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Oh please. Was that guy serious? 3 front teeth forever? I could be like, yeah, I have a great friend with 3 front teeth. Ha.

Sorry about the rubber bands. Ooh, I can remember that pain clearly. But the rubber bands did double as good little hair braid rubber bands.