Thursday, October 11, 2007

Early bedtime

Well, the early bedtime last night seemed to help. The kids were in bed by 6pm. I read a whole chapter book to Gage, so about 6:30 he was done and ready to go to sleep. Scott read to Emma and she was done and ready by 6:15! It took them a little bit to go to sleep, but they were certainly in better spirits today, thank the Lord!

Here's Scott and his antelope. He sent the picture from his phone, so it's not the best. It's a pretty big antelope. We ate some steaks from it last night and they were pretty good. At least with them I can't hit a pellet like I always do with birds! UGH! He's back in Tuttle hunting with an old college buddy until Saturday. Brie is with him so I'm enjoying the quiet time.

The weather was a bit chilly today. Wind was blowing a bit so it was a cold walk to and from school with Gage. I enjoy the time though, as I can always find things out during that time that I can't always get out of him later. It's funny at supper time, I always try to ask Gage and Emma about their day. Emma has caught on to that and she will say, "So what did you have for lunch today Gage?" :-) or "What did so-and-so bring for a snack Gage?" He eventually gets annoyed with all of the questions.

Gage earned back one of his Star Wars DVDs today so he is thrilled about that. Emma and I have had a fairly quiet day. I worked a few hours this morning while she played. All in all it was a good day. I hope I can say the same tomorrow.


GE is me said...

Stacy, I love venison. My husband won't eat it. I think he has an aversion to eating "bambi", because 1 night at my mom's we didn't tell him we made stourganoff(sp?) w/venison in it & he said it was good. Then when he found out what it was he got mad at me. So I wrote all that to ask you does antelope taste like venison?

GE is me said...

p.s. I think your vader cake turned out great! I couldn't do it.