Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

I have not really made any New Year's Resolutions for the new year. I thought about what I would put on that list, and it seems that continuing my "organizing" from my last year's resolution sounded like a good idea. I did pretty well at getting things organized, but I have several more things I need to get done. My sister, Kysa, suggested we list several things on small pieces of paper, then draw out of the hat each week at what is going to be organized. We each have the container with the same things listed, and we both have to do whatever it says. I thought that was a great idea, because if you turn something into some sort of contest, where I can "WIN", I'm in! :-) Anything to get me motivated!

I haven't heard how the water situation is, as to whether it can be consumed or not. Today is our last day here, so we don't have to deal with it much longer. I pray it gets resolved because what a pain in the butt! I hope it doesn't last too long guys! You can sure follow us home to Bismarck, where the water is clean! (And frozen!)

I've heard rumors that we've had quite a bit of snow in Bismarck since we left. I hope it hasn't been too bad on our neighbor, Dave. He has been watching our zoo of animals and has had several driveways to care for as well, ours being one of them. We'll be home soon Dave! Hopefully we'll have good driving weather for tomorrow! I think the kids will be so worn out that they will sleep the entire way...................or at least that's what I'm praying for!


Kara said...

There is quite a bit of snow in Bismarck....of course, we were just home for a little while before taking off for Minneapolis for a few days! Having lots of fun here and doing some damage on the credit cards! We'll be back Saturday or Sunday! See you next week and have a safe trip! :)

Shannon said...

Your so funny Stacy. I can just see you pushing the cart ahead of them looking around wonder who's kids are making such a fuss!! Too funny. Glad you made it home safely!!