Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to school today

Gage went back to school this morning. He's feeling much better, although his throat is still sore. I am also feeling much better today, and like Gage, still have a sore throat. Maybe I can use these past few days of illness and hardly any nourishment to jumpstart a new weight loss plan? I'm certain I've lost a few pounds over this whole ordeal.

I also went in to work today in the library and was glad to be back! The day went very well.

I got a report from Emma's teacher yesterday when I picked her up from school that she has been behaving kind of silly in class lately. We talked about it on our walk home, and of course she couldn't remember any details about her day that would suggest any silliness. Thankfully, today, when I asked her teacher if there were any problems, she said that there were none. I have never had any reports of anything negative, and this wasn't really that bad to begin with, so I was a little shocked. I'm thinking this little red-haired girl is going to be a challenge, and I'm certain is the reason why I have been noticing more and more gray hairs popping through. By the way, I have stopped pulling them because I'm afraid I may end up going bald. Baldness runs in the family, so I don't want to help it along if I am ever going to experience thinning hair. We have parent-teacher conferences coming up in Feb., so I will be anxious to hear more about how things are going.

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