Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm not even sure of a topic that can even come close to topping the underwear? I think I really liked this idea "I might suggest to Anonymous's underwear problem....if you are frustrated enough AND he does wear thong underwear, possibly consider giving them to him to use as dental floss before you wash them. You may feel more satisfied about them being more "used" and he can get a taste of his S@*T!!!!!:) Hang in there!! Part of Anonymous' support team!" I can't even beat that one, so I won't even try!

TGIF!!! I think maybe I will like Fridays more and fully appreciate lazy weekends now, being a "working Mom". However, I must say this isn't going to be much of a fun, or lazy weekend because Scott came home sick from work today. He slept all afternoon and thought he felt well enough for DU's Christmas party tonight. We left pretty early because he wasn't feeling well. He wanted me to feel his head on the way home to see if he had a temperature. He did, according to the lip-to-the-forehead test. He's usually close to death when he is sick, so we'll be in mourning around here.

Another way I can tell it's not going to be much fun tomorrow is because Emma is still awake, sobbing, in her bedroom (9:50pm). Gage has his friend, Grant, sleeping over tonight and Emma is completely ticked off that she can't sleep in Gage's room with them. I don't know why she even wants to? I think it's because they are sleeping on the floor and for whatever reason, it seems to be a novelty. I would much rather sleep in my warm, comfortable bed, versus the cold, hard floor. She's going to be a bear tomorrow. Between her being a grouch and Scott being sick, I may have to go find a place to hideout tomorrow! Maybe I could go outside and dig me out a snow cave?

The snow we had, yesterday thru today, sure is pretty. It is so nice and white. Let me tell you though, it was NOT FUN trying to find a place to put it! I shoveled before I went to school this morning and I seriously can hardly throw it up high enough to get it on top of the mountain of snow on either side of the driveway. Thankfully neighbor Dave came to the rescue with his snowblower after he got off work . It was kind of funny, as it seems that everyone right around him came outside to do some snow removal, or at least make it look that way, hoping he would come over with his snowblower and get rid of it. It was almost like back in my elementary P.E. days when they were picking teams for a game of dodgeball and everyone is like, "Oh, oh! Pick me! Pick me! Me first!" I was doing the same thing. I felt bad; however, when I had to finally go inside to get ready to go to the DU Christmas party, because I didn't want to just get my drive cleaned up and then run. I tried my hardest to get out of going to the dumb party to begin with, since they were making everyone pay for their own meals this year. I felt bad driving away while Dave was outside still blowing snow from his driveway after finishing up everyone else's.

I'll do my best to come up with something interesting tomorrow!