Thursday, January 15, 2009


We are setting records here in the frigid north! This morning we set a record at -44 degrees and that is the temperature people, not the wind chill!! The all time coldest temp ever is -45, so we weren't far off from breaking that one as well. I'm sure you will all be relieved to know that Scott drove us to school this morning! :-) You can stop worrying Mom!

It was another fine day at work. I had another sub helping me at Corpus Christi this afternoon, which made that a much more manageable afternoon!

It's hard to have much to talk about when I spend the day at work.

One exciting thing that happened today........................I got a new labelmaker! Yes Kysa and Kara, I am joining the land of the organized! Scott's afraid he's going to come home from work tomorrow to see that I have labeled the entire house! :-) I don't think I have enough label tape to do that, so no need to worry Scott! I can't wait to get my new scrapping area labeled! I'm going to be so organized I won't know what to do! HA! Yes, that is sarcasm!

We're supposed to warm up tomorrow. It's going to be a scorching 30 degrees (above zero)! Everyone will be dragging out their summer clothes if that keeps up!