Friday, January 16, 2009

Heat wave!

It was 36 degrees here today! It was -44 degrees below zero yesterday. Ah, that's what living in North Dakota is all about. Everyone is freaking out about snow melting this weekend and causing some flooding into window wells and basements. Today at the library, Mrs. Schmidt cleared out all of the books in 2 bookshelves just underneath the only window (a basement window) in case the snow melts enough to cause flooding in the window well, as she doesn't want to sacrifice any books. When we got home from school, our neighbor Dave was snowblowing all of the snow that has accumulated around his house. He has about a 3 foot wide path around his entire house that has been removed of snow. What have we done? Nothing. Maybe I should start praying for subzero temps so we don't have to worry about the melting snow flooding our basement?

The kids complained more today on our walk home because they were hot and sweaty than they do on the cold days. In fact, they had their coats unzipped and their snowpants unzipped by the time we arrived home.

I've spent my evening and night getting my scrapbooking stuff organized. It's looking pretty good, but it's in the basement and now I'm worried about it getting flooded! I'll try to finish it up tomorrow and take a picture or two.


Kysa #2 Sis said...

Pictures are requested of your organized scrapbook of your new years resolutions? I just moved my new jewerly box to the spot you 1st suggested.. It's ok there........I'm looking at my scrapbook area and trying to figure out what I can do.....???? Maybe pictures of your's will help me with mine.....Jari you could get motivated too....and organize your whole scrapbook room!!!! That's fun need a tv in your little room up there girl....Stacy has one in her girl cave like me....but I have two cave boys in my girl cave....haha!!!

Kysa #2 Sis said...

#2 at it again...ok...I was making cookies and was cleaning the frig while I was waiting on the cookie timer.....I found sour cream that expired July 2008....I challange anyone to organize their frig and post on Stacy's comment page what interesting thing they have found...