Thursday, January 29, 2009

Positive throat cultures

The nurse from the doctor's office called yesterday to confirm that Gage and my throat cultures were positive for Strep. Gage had already started his antibiotics so they called in a prescription for me that I got started just after lunch yesterday. She said they consider you contagious until you've been on the antibiotics for 48 hours, so both Gage and I are home sick again today. Feeling pretty rough this morning, I might add. I had a terrible headache most of yesterday and at bedtime I had taken everything I have for headaches in the medicine cabinet. I was up frequently throughout the night and my stomach was hurting, so wasn't sure if it was all the meds, or if it was because I was hungry. Scott brought me some toast in bed after he got back home from Biolife and that seemed to help, so it must have just been hunger pangs. My throat is quite sore this morning, as is Gage's. I'm hoping we can both be well enough tomorrow to go to school and work. I had to call Mrs. Schmidt last night to tell her I wouldn't be at the library again this morning. She's very nice and understanding about it all. I think everyone in the library has had something or other. I suppose those kids must cough all over those books and contaminate them up for us to touch and then catch whatever it is they had. I do remember one kid coughing terribly in the library last week and I told him to cover his mouth. He replied, "I am!" Well, not very good! He was at least partially coughing into the bend of his elbow rather than all over his hands. I don't know if that's where this came from or not, but it certainly could have.
I didn't sleep well last night and spent a lot of time thinking about Emma's birthday coming up. I had some pretty good brainstorms, so hopefully I can remember enough of them to write down and execute. Hopefully she doesn't get sick between now and then.
I don't have much more to report, since it's like the night of the living dead here at our house.

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