Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Historical Day

I am excited to see the change our new President is going to make. However, I'm already tired of watching it on television! :-)

I worked at the library for 3 hours this morning and then came home to get some things done at home. I did a little work in the basement, and the play area is at least cleared out of my junk, so the kids can play if they choose. Now that it's cleared out, they probably won't want to.

We have had a few nice days of weather, but they are predicting that tomorrow will be the last "nice day" for awhile. We will again be entering the deep freeze. If that will make Brie want to stay inside instead of ringing her bell 100 times a day to go outside, I say bring it on! I hate spring. I hate the melting of snow and the mud and slush that comes with it. I wish we could just go from winter to summer without that in between mess. I guess I don't have to worry about it for a few more days anyway.

Emma brought home an invitation in her backpack today to a birthday party. A friend of hers is having a party on Feb 7 and it said that this will also be a slumber party for the girls who would like to stay. I chose not to read that part of the invitation to Emma, at least not until I talked about it with Scott. When he came home from work, he noticed the invitation on the counter and started reading it, but I did get him stopped before he got to that part and told him not to mention that part quite yet. I'm not sure Emma is old enough for a slumber party? It's not that I don't trust the parents, but I'm not sure she will be able to stay the entire night. I would hate for her to decide at midnight or later that she was scared and wanted to come home. Not only because it would be a pain in the rump, but also because there's a possibility for getting teased about it. I'm sure that if kids tease her about wearing a ski/face mask for a stocking hat, being a "fraidy pants" and not being able to stay over night the entire night wouldn't be good for the teasing department. Later, Gage found the invitation and read it out loud while Emma was standing right there. AARGH! Her eyes got very big and she was VERY excited about this being a slumber party. I told her that she must not get too excited quite yet, because I wasn't sure that she was going to be able to go to that part of the party. I told Emma that she was going to have to prove to me that she was a big girl in the next couple of weeks and not give me ANY troubles at bedtime. Tonight after she was laying in bed and after we had read to them both, Emma asked me to come into her room. She asked me, "Mom, how do I go to sleep?" I have explained this to her MANY, MANY times. I told her that she needs to just close her eyes and shut her brain off. She asks, "How do I shut my brain off?" She's asking me, her mother who also has problems with insomnia, how to shut her brain off. I told her I wasn't sure, but sometimes I try counting sheep, or just repeating the word "sleep" over and over and over. This doesn't always work for me; however. All I know is that I have some major bargaining power for the next couple of weeks and I should be able to get Emma to do whatever I want by holding this little slumber party over her head. What are your thoughts about a 5/6 year old slumber party? I do know one thing, Emma is NOT having a slumber party for her birthday that is coming right up!

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