Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Snow Fairy

Yesterday evening Scott and I were talking a little bit about the snow. He commented that we hardly had any snow drift in our driveway yesterday, and he said he couldn't figure out why our neighbor, Dave, had alot of drifted snow in his driveway and we didn't. His thoughts were, "SCORE!" I was sure to let him know that the snow fairy (a.k.a. ME) magically came and removed all of our drifted snow. He almost didn't believe me! HELLO! I think Scott thought that we were the only people on our street that didn't get snow!

We got tons more snow today! I think they said on the news that we have 6 feet of snow now. Today was the first morning that Gage REALLY complained about walking to school. It was an ugly walk and Emma was about to start crying when we finally got to her school (a whole block away!). I told her she needs to wear the face mask/stocking hat I bought, but she says the kids make fun of her and act like they are scared of her when she wears it. I guess maybe she'll change her mind if we continue to have this cold, blowing snow!
I wanted to take some pictures of the snow we have in our front yard. I talked to Emily on the phone the other night and told her that our snow was as high as the railing to our front steps and she couldn't believe it. Here's proof for you Emily!
Gage is standing on top of our snow mountain this past Saturday while outside playing with Emma and Grant. You can see just how high it is if you compare how high Gage is in comparison to the back of Scott's truck and the houses across the street!

Tonight while Scott was outside removing snow from the driveway (with the help of Dave's snowblower!) I had him snap a few pictures of the kids sledding down our snow mountain. I have never seen this much snow in my life!!!

You should be able to understand now why I'm complaining about being unable to shovel the snow because I can't throw it high enough to get it over the mountain on either side of the driveway!

These will be great pictures for the kids' scrapbooks so they can look back and see just how much snow we got this year!!!
I love the snow, but I must admit it's wearing me out! Walking to and from school on unshoveled sidewalks is quite a chore. I hate to start the car up to drive it 2 blocks though! And, with as terribly congested as it is around the school in the mornings and afternoons, it is safer for us to walk. There are some people who just think that the rules no longer apply when the snow is covering the crosswalks and the painted handicap spots. It was CRAZY outside the school at 3pm today and the crossing guard finally got after this man who was trying to park just in front of the crosswalk, behind the sign that says, "NO PARKING FROM HERE TO CORNER". I wonder what part of that sign didn't he understand?
I'm looking forward to getting a few things done around the house tomorrow since another sub will be working in the library tomorrow.


Scott said...

That snow fairy is pretty amazing in many ways!

She might only be topped by the dish fairy who came the other night too and did all the dirty dishes that were piled in the sink.

I'm still loving the snow because of the baby ducks it will yield in all the water that runs into the wetlands when it melts in the spring. I'd take another 6 feet; BRING IT ON!


Emily Jennings said...

Oh my gosh! I've never seen so much snow! I showed Silas and Hattie and they are pretty jealous!

Kara said...

Does that "snow fairy" make house calls? We'd love to have her visit....neither Guy or I would complain! LOL!

Anonymous said...

does the dish fair do laundry? I have some dirty underwear again that need washed....???