Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cookie Rally

We didn't have too much going on this weekend, but the one thing we had on our schedule was the Girl Scout Cookie Rally. I'm sure you are all just thrilled to death to hear our next fundraising event is upon us! However, Girl Scout Cookies pretty much sell themselves, so I'm hoping this isn't going to be too terribly awful on me. As you know, I hate selling things!!! Emma and 2 of her sister Girl Scouts from our troop attended the Rally. I know Emma had alot of fun, so I hope Jadyn and IsaBelle felt the same way. Because this is our first cookie sale, I had no idea what to expect. Of course the entire event felt like mass chaos to me. My friend, and co-leader (a.k.a. "Cookie Mom"), Kara and I attended a cookie training session while the girls went through the different stations. Thankfully IsaBelle and her Mom showed up for the rally and was able to take the girls through the stations while we attended the training session. They described this event as a "Come and Go Open House" so we had planned for the girls to be picked up by Scott and Guy so we could attend the training session. Well, it was more like a "Come and stay" Open House, so I was very grateful that IsaBelle's Mom was able, and willing, to take the girls through the different stations until the back up reinforments arrived.

Jadyn, IsaBelle and Emma are filling out Cookie questionnaires. They were to fill out who in their home, school and Sports team like Girl Scout cookies and then in the box below they were to draw a picture of what they thought a million boxes of Girl Scout cookies would look like. That was interesting to see how their minds were working and I was impressed with Emma's idea. She drew several straight lines across the box, then several lines up and down, making a grid with lots of little rectangles! I guess she had a bit of an advantage since she knew what $11,000 worth of Cub Scout popcorn looked like in our garage this fall!

The girls went through several different stations, getting their passports stamped, which later earned them a new Cookie Rally patch. At this station, they are visiting Idaho and learning about potatoes.

They then used "potato sacks" for some sack races. I wasn't sure it was such a great idea to be having sack races on this slick floor, but as far as I saw, there weren't any girls that were knocked out cold from wiping out and bonking their head on the concrete floor!

Jadyn's race against the older, Junior Girl Scout didn't seem too fair, but she blew her away. She must have some of those super jumping abilities like her Dad!

I wasn't too impressed with the cookie training, but thankfully Kara, (a.k.a. Cookie Mom) volunteered to head up the cookie fundraiser since I took care of the nuts and magazines. I guess if Kara is the "Cookie Mom", I would be known as the "Nutty Mom". Yes, there is an inside joke here, but it would take too long to explain it.

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