Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry ahead of time

I'm apologizing now for my short post. Here's our day in a nutshell.

Scott is on his death bed.
Gage was perhaps more difficult to deal with today than Emma.
I'm starting to feel quite crappy and despite my overwhelming urge to sleep, I can't put my new book down. I went out and bought the book "Twilight" last week and it is so good I don't want to stop reading. I'm kind of mad at myself though, because I read 7 chapters in the 4th book of the series (thinking it was the 1st book) and I know what is going to happen. I hate knowing. I like the suspense. Emily, I don't know why you like to know how a book ends before you start reading it? That just doesn't make any sense!? :-) Despite knowing that detail, it is still very good and I can't wait to find out what happens up to that point!

I hope to feel better tomorrow.

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