Monday, January 12, 2009


I guess now that I can like Fridays and weekends, due to working, I can legitimately hate Mondays! :-) Our Monday didn't start well today.

This morning Scott came in and woke me up saying he didn't know why the alarm clock didn't go off, but that it was 7:30. I popped straight out of bed so I could start getting everyone ready for school. At this point, I still didn't know if I was working today or not. I went into the bathroom to wet my hair's never a good idea to go to bed with a wet head the night before! When I went back into the bedroom, I was trying to figure out why the dumb alarm clock didn't go off. I had already chewed Scott out for messing it up, because I had set it (correctly) when I went to bed, and when he came to bed he was messing around with it. Anyway, I discovered that it was actually set to go off at 7am. Scott had gotten up earlier to let Brie outside and had come back to bed thinking it was 6:50, and he could sleep a little bit longer. When he woke up again, he noticed it was 30 minutes past the hour, thinking the hour was 7am, but it was actually 6am!!! UGH! When I was checking the clock over to see why it didn't go off, I discovered it was because the actual time was 6:40 not 7:40! AARGH! I guess it's better to get up too early, than too late, however, when you're awakened too early when you actually think it's too late, it doesn't make the morning start any smoother. I don't even know if that makes any sense or not? The kids had already eaten their breakfast when I came downstairs and then I got all of their stuff organized to go to school. Since I had time, I decided I would go outside and shovel snow. I was sweating my butt off before I finished. There was ALOT of drifted snow and I seriously cannot throw the snow over the mountain that has been created along the side of the driveway anymore. The wind was blowing hard enough that all I really had to do was launch the snow from the shovel up in the air and the wind would wisk it away. It was soon time for us to head to school, and a GOOD MOM would have driven their kids to school, but this MEAN MOM made them walk. Actually, they don't even ask anymore if we can drive. It's just known that we are going to walk, and if we do happen to drive, it's a pleasant surprise (which happens very rarely!) Anyway, we had to walk through some pretty deep drifts down our sidewalk until I discovered it would be easier to just walk in the streets, where the snow had already been driven through. When we dropped Emma off, they were staying inside because of the nasty windchills, so we went in and I took her snowman project up to her classroom and had her take her stuff off and hang it on her hook. On our way up the stairs she asked if she could go eat breakfast in the lunchroom. I said, "Emma, you already ate breakfast." She replies, "No I didn't!" I didn't actually see the kids eat breakfast, so I wasn't sure if they did or not. I asked Gage if he ate and he said he did, but he didn't know if Emma did or not. I felt horrible thinking she may not have gotten breakfast, but she isn't in the breakfast program at school, so I told her she would have to last until lunchtime. They eat at 11am, so it's not a terrible long wait. I went on to school with Gage and as soon as we got inside the school, an alarm went off. I asked Gage what the alarm was and he said it was the fire alarm. I asked him what they are supposed to do when the fire alarm goes off, and he said go outside. So, we went outside to stand. Not long after that someone came out and told us we were meeting in the gym since it was so cold outside. There have been electricians working in the computer lab, and I think the alarms were accidentally set off. I took Gage into the gym and stood awhile, because I thought if there was a real fire, I wanted to be sure to get him out of there and take him home. I saw Mrs. Schmidt in the meantime and casually asked her if she needed me to work in the library. She replies, "YES!" I'm thinking, "Oh CRAP! I'm not even ready!" She told me that she was in the process of calling me on Friday evening to tell me she needed me to work this morning, but got interrupted and then forgot that she hadn't actually called me until this morning. I told her in a bit of a panic that I would have to go home to change clothes since I was in my sweats! UGH! I made sure the alarm wasn't due to a real fire, then took off for home to get my clothes changed to head back to school. Thankfully, the remainder of the day wasn't quite as bad. I used to love Mondays, but not anymore! :-)

Oh, and in case you're still feeling terrible about poor little Emma who didn't get breakfast? Well, she did get breakfast! Scott was still at home in bed when I got back to get ready to go back to work in the library, because he said he wasn't feeling well, and I asked him if Emma had eaten. He had fried her an egg. I felt much better after hearing that. She has come home from school before telling me she was hungry at school because she didn't get breakfast. I know better most days because I am the one who makes her breakfast. What a little turkey! She just wanted to eat breakfast at the school too!