Friday, January 23, 2009


This morning when I was checking my email, I had a few updated blogs I also needed to check. One was my friend Kara's. Here is what she had to say in this particular post, "I am always quite impressed with Mr. Guidinger's ability to jump and kick. He truly could show up the Rockette's with his ability to do high kicks. Our favorite is when he kicks up and can touch the top of the door frame! Tonight he was on a roll with showing us how high he could jump and nearly hit his head on the ceiling! This, of course, had the girls all wound up to give it their best shot! We finally had to have them do it on the couch because I thought they may break their backs when they couldn't land on their feet!"

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the picture she had posted to go with it. Who ever said, "White men can't jump?"

I fowarded the blog post to Scott at work and then went about my day. This evening when he came home from work one of the first things he said was, "Man, I have to say I was impressed with how high Guy can jump!" I had to laugh because I hadn't thought about it the rest of the day. Scott, on the other hand, is trying to come up with something that can top the jump..............................................

and the fish eyes.

I hope you don't mind my borrowing pictures from your blog Kara, but they are great and Scott is jealous. He wants me to take a video of one of his "signature moves", but we're going to have to attempt it tomorrow, as there isn't enough space in the house. It will give all of my readers something to look forward to.


Kysa #2 Sis said...

Colton wanted to know if that was a fathead on their ceiling...I told him was a real live person....he said OH....haha!!!

Kara said...

LOL! I had to go see what a fathead is....because I was going to tell Kysa that Guy has been called a lot of names but "fathead" is not one of them! :) If Scott is considering jumping, he needs to keep in mind that we have 9' ceilings in our the bar has been raised for our expectations! :) Just kidding!

disa said...