Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wine or whine?

This evening we were invited to a wine tasting party. Hmmm...........great thing to be invited to since neither one of us drink wine! Needless to say, I whined a little about going. On my little card, I had numbered 1-15 and here is how it went.
1. Sucked.
2. Sucked even more.
3. YUCK!
4. Terrible!
5. More terrible than the one before.
6. Horrible!
7. How much more of this can I take?
8. Disgusting.
9. Not too terrible.
10. Not bad.
11. yuck!
12. Not good.
13. Ewwww!
14. Hey, this isn't too bad.
15. Gross!

It was quite funny because most of the people were complaining about #14 tasting like cherry couch syrup. I suppose it makes sense, that I liked it, because I don't think cherry NyQuil tastes all that bad. We didn't stay too long because the kids were at our friend, Laura and Steve's, house.

The house is in terrible shape. I worked really hard today to get the guest room cleaned out. I emptied out the entire closet and almost everything in the room (except the furniture). I had to go through all of Gage's paperwork from his 1st grade year. I didn't throw a single worksheet, or artwork away and I was sure regretting that. I take pictures of all the artwork to put into his scrapbook and I had been putting it off for a year and decided to get that project done. I did finish it, and felt a huge sense of accomplishment after that. Gage and Emma were busy all day playing and messing up the living room and when Gage had gone upstairs to go to the bathroom he noticed the guest room was totally nice and organized and clean. He came downstairs and asked, "Do we have someone coming to stay with us?" Ha ha! It's bad when you're kids know someone is coming only because I start cleaning like a madwoman! I got that room finished and came downstairs to see that the main floor was a complete wreck. I guess I'll be working on that tomorrow! No school on Monday means I'll have to spend that day off in the basement, because all the crap that was in the guest room is now in the basement. Our crap just gets moved from one place to the other. I need to throw it out instead!

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