Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I don't know how many of you go through and read the comments on my blog, but I had several comments posted today, anonymously. I'm sure my family and friends, and maybe even frequent readers will know who it is. Anyway, she asked me to post a question on my blog, so I am going to take a poll. Here is her question(s):

Comment #1 - "Well...I just want you to post a question on your blog...Please ask your readers if they have ever been chewed out because their husband ran out of underwear - My laundry was 100% done on Sunday...Delivered to all spots in the house and today is Wednesday....How many pair of underwear does the normal house husband use in that short of a time frame?"

Comment #2 - "oh...I'm counting the ones I'm washing right now....2 are currently in the dryer... I will count the next load as they go in the dryer....Also...I went to the underwear drawer and counted how many pair of underwear were in the drawer....sit typo...49 pair of underwear that are evidently not as good as the two pair that are in the dryer....Let me voice this...I wear one pair of underwear a I have two pair three pair in the laundry right at this momment...Sunday's Monday's and Tuesdays! I still have Wednesday's on!!!!"

Comment #3 - "Question...Is it possible to shove all 49 pair of underwear that are currently clean and in his drawer up his ***? "

Comment #4 - "I guess when you are a real rotten (bleep (edited by me)) you must go thru more underwear than the normal person!"

Comment #5 - "Do you suppose anyone has guessed who this is that is anonymously venting?????"

Comment #6 - "Stacy if you call me use the Cell phone cuz it is with me while I'm waiting for the laundry to finish... "

I just got a phone call from anonymous, reporting that there were 9 pair of underwear from Sunday-Wednesday in the washer. I think he must change his underwear every time he farts? It's a good thing he doesn't live in this house, because I wash clothes once a week, and he would be SOL until the following Monday!

So, how many pair of underwear does your husbands go through in a week? More importantly, I want to know how many of your husbands even own 49 pairs of underwear?

And I didn't think I had much to blog about!


Emily Jennings said...

LOL. My complaint is in the sock dept though. Jody doubles up and wears 2 most of the time. I HATE when he takes them off together and I have a choice to either separate them OR wash them as is and let him separate the damp ones. I separate them though all begrudgingly. What is up with that? I think I'll fold like 15 or more pair of JUST his socks. Let alone my own and 4 kids!! And that's if they all make it out of the dryer with a matching pair.

Oh laundry...speaking of which I have some to fold right now.

Anonymous said...

ok, since you are into products that are good working ones,, i have a question, what can i use to get those brown skid marks out of my husbands underwear, i have tried about everything i can think of, if you have so many extra mens underware and he doesnt wear them send them my direction, lol

Scott said...

Hmmm. For 4 days, I might only use 2 pair of underwear. Or if it's during the hunting season, one pair might last for a week. When you get all stinky and sweaty each morning when you slog around in the mud, why change? Summertime might result in a lower ratio of underwear/days of the week.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his mother told Mr. 49 pair to always wear clean underwear when he left the house? How often is he leaving/returning? And, what is being done while he's gone that he'd have to change every time he returns?

Anonymous said...

The question is what kind of underwear does he wear? Is he wearing boxers, briefs or thongs? If it is the thong maybe he needs to go through most of them because they lose their elasticity..and when they have been cleaned and dried it gives him more of a snap when he pulls them back up after using the restroom. :) Sis #1 LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the guy is just a head case....Sis #2

Anonymous said...

I'm with sis #2 he is a head case. I have four people in my house and only one probably has 49 pair of underwear and this my daughter who has an underwear obsession and maybe it is because she wears the thongs. LOL. and out of all those underwear she doesn't have one pair that is white. and as for me I go commando so never have the underwear problem

Anonymous said...

my hubby doesn't have skid marks he has holes for airconditioning so solves that problem.