Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Strep Throat

Yesterday after I posted on my blog, I went upstairs to make an appointment for Gage with the doctor. Unfortunately our doctor was not in yesterday, so they gave me a choice of a couple different doctors who had openings. I picked the one I picked because we have actually seen him before in the Walk-In clinic, and he seemed pretty good. When I made the appointment I didn't think about making one for myself. Isn't that like a Mom? Making sure her child is being cared for, but ignoring herself? As the day progressed, I just felt worse and worse. Our appointment was at 4:10 and Scott came home from work to take us because I wasn't sure I was in good enough condition to drive. When we stopped at the front desk to check in, I asked the lady if it would be possible to have the doctor look at my throat as well. She said I would have to ask a nurse. When we went back to the office area to hand them Gage's ticket, I asked that lady if it might be possible for the doctor to also look at my throat. She said she would have to ask a nurse. They took us right in, and when the nurse was taking Gage's temperature, etc., I asked her before she left the room if it would be possible for the doctor to look at my throat as well. She said she would ask the nurse. LOL! She was a nurse! Anyway, she must have asked the doctor's nurse and she popped in the door and said that he had a very full schedule and he would not be able to look at my throat. WHATEVER! You can't tell me that he didn't have time to take 3 seconds to shine his stupid light in my throat. Anyway, a student doctor came in and checked Gage out. I told him I wasn't sure who was sicker, Gage or myself. Gage was quite pitiful though. Every time they would leave the room, he would just lie right back down on the exam table. It hurt to talk and he didn't want to keep answering their questions. Finally the doctor came in and looked at Gage's throat and suspects that he has strep throat. When he asked me if it was still cold outside, I replied, "Yes, but I'm not a good person to judge that because I am sick too and also have the sore throat." I was sitting in the office with a sweatshirt on, a sweater that my Mom made me over that, my winter parka AND a scarf and I was still freezing. Anyone who knows me knows that I was definitely sick, because I can't usually wear just the sweaters my Mom makes without sweating to death. He did not look at my throat, but he wanted to know if I would like to have a throat culture along with Gage. He said that if it was positive then he would have to treat me with antibiotics as well. I guess that's all I needed anyway. I didn't need his busy self to look at my throat to tell me it was red and inflamed. The lab results should be back today to confirm whether or not we actually have strep throat. The throat cultures were quite unpleasant. I asked Gage if he wanted to go first or if he wanted me to go first. He picked me of course, and I thought that I would be able to show him it wasn't that bad. Unfortunately it was HORRIBLE and I had tears coming down my cheeks. I felt terrible because I knew I wasn't a very good model for Gage. He had his and it was HORRIBLE too. I think he tolerated his better than I did though. Emily and her family are suffering with strep throat as well, as I read on her blog yesterday, and I think somehow they gave it to us. :-) They prescribed Gage an antibiotic that we started him on last night. He is home from school again today. He's still not feeling well and neither am I. I am feeling a bit better; however. Last night I went to bed with all of the same garb I had on at the doctors office (minus the parka) and I was freezing to death, but a little later I woke up and was VERY hot, so had to take it all off. I guess maybe my fever broke? Scott had checked it earlier and it was 102.2. I'm hoping we both get better today and are able to go to school tomorrow. I also work tomorrow, so I'm hoping I don't have to call in again.


Emily Jennings said...

I was reading your entry to the kids and Silas said, "How could we have given them Strep throat??" Ha!

I gagged when I got that culture done. It was awful!

I'm feeling better but now totally. This has been really terrible. I hope you guys fare better than we are!

#2 said...

Stacy I went to read Emily's strep throat on her blog and I cannot find it...did I do something wrong? I've had that stuff before and it is bad stuff....I like being healthy and not do you remember Scott taking your temp....I think my husband would only notice me if I didn't get up to go to work then he'd probably find out that I died in the night...haha...