Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I was feeling pretty guilty last night that I didn't post on my blog. I was having computer problems yesterday and when I got Scott to fix it for me, it was time to go to my volleyball game last night, at 9:30. When I got home I just went straight to bed. I didn't realize the reason I was so tired was because I was coming down with something.

Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment to get my hair highlighted and cut. I'm not sure about the highlights. I'm hoping it will grow on me. It kind of looks like I have stripes in my hair on the left side of my head. I couldn't get an appointment for any other time but 3pm, which poses a problem when it comes to picking the kids up at school at 3:05. Thankfully Scott was able to pick them up for me and when I got home it was time for us to go to gymnastics. Scott had given Gage some Motrin after school because he was complaining of a headache and sore throat. I asked Gage if he wanted to stay home or go to gymnastics and he said he would like to try going and if he started to feel bad, could he just come and sit with me. I told him that sounded like a good idea. He made it through the entire gymnastics class without any problems. We got home and had supper that Scott had ready for us and Gage started complaining again of his throat. I had him get his p.j.'s on and get ready for bed. At this point I was having a bit of a sore throat myself, just on my left side, but it wasn't really too bad.

I went to play at volleyball and other than just being tired, I didn't feel too bad. I figured it was more because of having been to a cycling class with Kara at 8:30a. Kara asked me if I would like to go to the cycling class with her and I've given her excuses as to why I couldn't every time she's asked, and I decided it was time I better go. This was not the "Silver Riders" group that I had been to before. Click the link if you would like to refresh your memory on that cycling class. It actually ended up not being THAT bad. I suppose because I was smart enough this time to go at my own pace, versus trying to keep up with the instructor. It was still quite a workout, and my butt is very sore. I didn't realize until last night at volleyball that my knees were bothering me quite a bit. I suppose having my knee pads on, which are tight around my knees, exaggerated it a little bit, but it felt like my kneecaps were just floating around in my knees, unattached to anything. There was alot of standing up while riding the bicycle and I suppose that's where it came from. Thankfully they feel a little better today.

Last night around midnight, I heard Gage up and crying. I went to see what was wrong and he said he felt really bad and his throat hurt. I gave him some Motrin and had him sleep on the couch. I figured he would be more comfortable there than in his bedroom where it is 52 degrees! We are having problems keeping his bedroom warm because we have to keep the door shut to keep the cats out, off of his new carpet, and I decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to know how cold it actually was in his room, so I put a thermometer in there and 52 was the reading. Scott thought he fixed the problem by turning a lever in the basement from summer to winter, but I don't think it helped. I feel horrible that his room is THAT cold!

Anyway, I could see that his not feeling well was going to continue into the morning, but I was hoping he would miraculously get better because I was scheduled to work in the library today. No such luck. He was warm to touch and still had a terribly bad sore throat. I was hoping it's not strep, but after I read that Emily and her family are all coming down with it, I'm wondering if I need to take him to the doctor. My throat was really feeling horrible this morning too and is quite painful to swallow, so I know if Gage's is feeling like this, I feel bad for the little guy. He needs to get his tonsils out, but we've been waiting for a break from school to do that. Gage stayed home from school today, breaking his perfect attendance record. I was happy to keep him home because he really is feeling terrible. I had to call Jan this morning to let her know Gage and I are sick and that I wouldn't be able to come into the library today. I just hated doing that, but I had no other choice. Scott got Emma ready and took her to school for me, so I could go back to bed. I told her to be sure to have her teacher call me if she starts feeling bad.

When I was thinking about my post yesterday, which never happened, I wanted to be sure to tell my niece, Katie, happy birthday! She turned 13 yesterday. Just kidding Katie, I know you're 16 and it's hard to believe you can be that old already. My sister, Jari Jo, emailed me a couple of disturbing pictures that I hope she doesn't mind my sharing with you all. Hopefully this wasn't a secret they were keeping from Grandma Pipi and I have blown it. If it was, just know Katie, she was going to find out sooner or later anyway. I don't know how long you could be around her covering up your nose before she asked you what you were doing. These pictures, right here, are why I am DEATHLY AFRAID of the dreaded teenage years!

OMG! If I had agreed to a nose piercing, we would have had to walk right back out the door after I saw the person that would be doing it! I hate to be prejudiced, but that guy would NOT be touching Emma's nose, or any other part of her body for that matter!!! It will make an interesting scrapbooking page, that's for sure!

Looks like a great way to be celebrating turning 16, with a needle stuck through your nose!! OUCH! I'm hoping the area was deadened. On second thought, it HAS to be deadened or I don't think you would be sitting there with a smile on your face!!!!!!!
While I was getting my hair cut, the beautician's son had come into the shop. One of the other gals in the shop was really giving him a hard time about having had his ear pierced. Apparently he had been wanting it done for sometime and his mom finally said it was okay. While I was there, I asked her if she can do green hair. I'm totally going to let Gage get his hair turned green, so that when he comes to ask me if he can get his ear pierced, or his nose, I will be able to tell him NO! "Remember back when you were 8 years old and you wanted green hair............?"
I also want to comment on the guy's ear that is piercing Katie's nose. Why would anyone do that to their ears? They were talking a bit about these yesterday when I was at the beauty shop too. My hairdresser said that her son would NOT be doing that with his piercing. I want to know what these people are going to look like in another 40 years when they are all shriveled up and old and in the nursing home?
Happy Birthday Katie!


Jari said...

her nose was not deadened. I don't think I would have been smiling either. She said her belly button was worse. I was going to do it too but the guy said noses are more sensitive to jewelery than ears and i have alot of trouble with my ears. Just wait your time is coming.

Kara said...

Ouch! I don't think I could stand having my nose pierced...what fun when you get a cold! Yuck! I have a hard time looking at those ear piercings when they stretch them, for some reason. I saw a show about people regretting doing that because they don't go back to their original size (w/o surgery) once they are tired of that huge hole! I am afraid our time IS coming, just like Jari says!

Hope you all start feeling better! Hopefully Brie didn't pass along the germs yesterday when she was licking me like crazy! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

yes, grandma pipi is disturbed over this but i love her so very much and veryproud of her that these granddaughters of mine are surprising me everytime i turn around, in this world that is so messed up at this time, i guess this is not so bad, i pray they dont get into drugs or pregnant, now grandpa had a fit but i will take care of that, we love her and also cody is turning eighteen in a few days and that makes me feel even older, grandchildren ages twenty four and twenty two and eighteen and sixteen thrirteen and twelve and seven seven and five, i feel older then the hills,wow i guess i do feel older then the hills. but i am very proud of all of them and love them dearly. love grandma

Anonymous said...

oh yes and thirteen also, my mind slipped me for a second, that is seth that jus t turned thirteen , i am having a hard time keeping up with all the ages aaymore, did you say you were only twenty one stacy lol, love you all

disa said...